Community Picks: Paul Turner, Darkside Cinema

paulturnerCorvallis would not be quite so awesome without Paul Turner, owner and operator of Darkside Cinema. Paul has operated Darkside Cinema since 2007 and it is Corvallis’ one and only independent movie theater showing all of the movies you may not have realized you absolutely must see. If you’ve ever had a chance to talk with Paul, even briefly, it’s probably become apparent to you that it takes a certain kind of person (maybe a kind of off-the-wall, glutton for punishment with a killer sense of humor?) to run an independent movie house and Paul is that person. From his own blog to his fabulous book (one of two; the library is reordering this one right now) to his community picks list below, the library wants to make sure you have a sense of how lucky Corvallis is to have Paul Turner around. And, don’t forget to see that next independent cinematic gem at the quirky, eclectic Corvallis-owned and operated Darkside Cinema.

About Paul: Paul Turner is the owner and operate of Darkside Cinema. Check out this interview here for more info about Paul and Darkside.

Paul’s Picks:

canthappenhereIt Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis


awakeinthedarkAwake in the Dark by Roger Ebert


thingsilikeThings I Like About America by Poe Ballantine


totalcontrolTotal Control by Lee Parks


And, the library highly recommends:

prancinglavenderPrancing Lavender Bunnies: And Other Stuff From the Darkside of Independent Cinema by Paul Turner



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