May 11, 2021

Dear Community,

Thank you for your patience and support over the past fifteen months as we have navigated the reality of providing library services with facilities closed to the public.

It has not been easy for any of us, but you have truly been the best community to work with, and we are all so thankful for your flexibility, adaptability, and your concern for the safety of the entire community.

I am pleased to share with you that we are introducing a new service, coming soon: “Browse and Go.”

With Browse and Go, we will invite you inside library buildings, during the same hours we were previously open pre-pandemic, to browse for items to check out. You will be able to use self-checkout machines and we will have staff available to assist with you with checkout if needed. While there will not be a time limit to using the building, we will ask that you browse for your items and then take them back home to enjoy, rather than doing so in the building.

I look forward to the day we fully reopen our buildings and we can all enjoy our public library the way we used to. Until then, I hope this next step in services is a joyous one. Computer services will still be available in all locations, but will vary by building.

Our schedule for opening Browse and Go services at each location is:

  • Alsea Community Library: June 1
  • Monroe Community Library: June 1
  • Philomath Community Library: end of June
  • Corvallis Library: July (a final date will be released in June)

Will we still be offering delivery services? The answer is a resounding yes! We know many of you still need this service, so keep using delivery for as long as you like. If you want to visit our buildings for Browse and Go and also use delivery service – that will work too! I cannot speak to the future of delivery service forever, but I can assure that we will be offering it for at least the next year, as long as there is demand for it. So don’t hesitate to continue using delivery if you prefer it.

Thank you again for being the best library patrons we could possibly ask for!