OneClick Digital eAudiobooks for Windows, Mac, & mp3 players

First-time setup

  1. Create a OneClick Digital account

    Go to and click Register in the upper-right corner.

  2. Install the OneClick Digital Media Manager app

    Click the question mark in the upper-right corner and download the Windows or Mac app under eAudio Desktop Apps. Note the system requirements. Sign in to the app with your new account.


  1. Find an audiobook

    Return to the OneClick Digital website and search or browse for an audiobook. To browse the full collection, click Browse, then click All eAudio titles. To hide checked-out titles, click Advanced Search and change All Availability to Avaliable.

  2. Borrow the audiobook

    Click an audiobook cover and click Checkout Now. An ocdf file will download. Note: Audiobooks will self-return at the end of the 3-week loan period. There is a limit of 6 items borrowed and 6 items on hold.

  3. Download the audiobook

    Open the ocdf file then open then OneClick Digital Media Manager app. If the title is not present in the app, click the Refresh button near the upper-right corner.

Listening & Returning

Listen to the audiobook

To listen to the audiobook in the OneClick Digital Media Manager app, click the Play button next to your title.

Transfer the audiobook to an mp3 player

Connect the player to your computer and click Download & Transfer next to your title. iTunes is required for transferring to Apple devices.

Note: Protected audiobooks cannot be transferred. You can identify protected audiobooks on the OneClick Digital website by clicking on the cover for a detailed view and looking for this symbol: . About 25% of the collection is protected. To browse all non-protected books, click Browse near the upper-left corner, then click Advanced Search, change All Digital Rights to Non-Protected, and click the Search button.

Return the audiobook early

Use the Return and Renew buttons next to a title. Early returns are optional because titles will self-return at the end of the loan period. Renewals will not work if another user has a hold on the book.

Getting help

Corvallis-Benton County Public Library