Good Talk book cover

Funny, emotional, and relatable. It’s graphic memoir that jumps off from conversations that spring from questions her young son has regarding today’s current political and racial climate. The questions he asks are sincere, full of precociousness, and very complicated. I wasn’t always satisfied with her answers, but I don’t think she was either and that’s part of the point – how do we answer such direct, complex, and politically charged questions when they are posed naively by children? And, to further complicate it, what if that child is a child of color from a family of color? While white children probably ask some of the same questions, some of his questions were very specific to his position as a boy of color with a mom of color. I admired her attempts to be honest with her son while still trying to be sensitive to his age – it’s a really difficult line to walk. The artwork is very unique in that she uses a mix of photographs and cut out drawings of the characters that get pasted onto the photographs. It’s not like any graphic I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t say I loved this about it, but it was executed well.

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