eBooks & eAudiobooks for iPhone, iPad, Android & Kindle Fire

First-time setup

  1. Install the cloudLibrary app

    Download the app from the App Store (iOS), Google Play (Android) or (Kindle Fire).
  2. Connect to your library

    In the cloudLibrary app, select your language, country, state, and library. Accept the terms and enter your library card number and PIN. Your PIN is the last 4 digits of your library card number.
  3. Turn on holds notifications

    To be notified of arrived holds, tap Account, then turn on Notifications and Email Notifications. Enter your email address, and tap Apply.

Borrowing eBooks and eAudiobooks

  1. Find a book

    • For new books and curated lists do Browse > Featured.
    • For specific titles do Search cloudlibrary-search and tap the search box.
    • For books of a type (e.g. all kids audiobooks in Spanish) do Search cloudlibrary-search and tap in the search box > Advanced Search leaving the Title & Author fields empty.
    • In a vertical list of books, you can hide checked out books with filters cloudlibrary-filter > Available Now > Apply.

    NOTE: Search > All only shows a predefined partial set of books. To choose which set of books appears in the Search > All menu, tap “>” near the upper-right corner, then select genres and subjects of interest in the Fiction and Nonfiction lists. Only the selected genres and subjects that are visible on your screen when you tap Save will be shown. Search > Favorites provides a more flexible alternative to Browse > All.

    Need a bigger screen? You can do this step and the next one in any web browser by going to

  2. Borrow a book

    Tap Borrow to check out or Hold to place a hold.
    Books will self-return at the end of 3-week loan period. They cannot be renewed, but a book can be borrowed again if there are no holds on it. There is a limit of 6 items borrowed and 6 items on hold.

  3. Read/listen to a book

    Tap My Books to see your checked-out books, and tap Read or Listen. the book cover. Once a book is downloaded you can read/listen with no internet connection. To close the book, tap the center of the page, then X in the upper-left corner.

  4. Return a book early (optional)

    Tap My Books to see your checked-out books, and tap Return.

Getting help


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