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eBooks, eAudiobooks, & eMagazines for iPhone, iPad & Android

First-time setup

  1. Get the Libby app

    Download Libby from the App Store (iOS), or Play Store (Android).

  2. Select your library and add your card

    Follow the prompts. Our library is shown as Oregon Digital Library Consortium / Corvallis Library.

  3. Extend the default lending period in Library2Go (optional)

    Sign in to with your card number and PIN.
    Tap/click account, then Settings and 21 days.

Using Libby

  1. Find a book

    Tap Library at the bottom of the screen.

    • To search, tap Search… at the top of the screen.
    • To browse, tap Explore on the horizontal bar, then Subjects. Choose a choose a subject or genre (e.g. Mystery). Sort alphabetically to find a subject more easily.
    • To show only eBooks or only Audiobooks, tap Preferences, change the Format selection, and tap Apply Preferences.
    • To hide checked-out titles, tap Preferences, and change the Availability selection to Available Titles, and tap Apply Preferences.
    • To show popular titles first, tap Refine, and change Sort By to Popularity.
  2. Find a magazine

    Tap Library at the bottom of the screen, then Search… at the top of the screen, and More Options just below it. Change Format to Magazines and add a title or leave it blank to show all magazines. A list of some popular magazines in the collection can be found at

  3. Download a book or magazine

    Tap a book cover, then tap Borrow. To change the lending period tap the number of days shown under the title. Tap the Borrow! button. The book will automatically download over WiFi.


    1. Books will self-return at the end of the lending period.
    2. There is a limit of 6 items borrowed and 6 items on hold.
  4. Read or Listen

    Tap Shelf at the bottom of the screen, then Loans, and Open In Libby. When reading, tap the center of the screen for options. The Back option will leave the book or magazine.

  5. Return (optional)

    Tap Shelf at the bottom of the screen, Manage Loan next to the title, then Return Early.

Getting help


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