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Maker Kits

GoPro Hero: Wear this camera to capture gorgeous, professional-quality video and photos of your favorite activities from your point of view.

Finch Robot: The Finch is a small robot designed to inspire and delight students learning computer science by providing them a tangible and physical representation of their code.

Kano Computer: Build and code a computer; it’s a fun way to make, play and express creativity with technology.

Laser Thermometer: Instantly measure surface temperatures of objects which are difficult or unsafe to contact. Use it for cooking, car maintenance, real estate, electrical engineering and more.

Leak Detector: Increase the efficiency of your home’s insulation by finding leaky areas that can lead to higher heating and cooling bills.

MaKey MaKey: Turn everyday objects into touchpads.

Microscope: The COSMOS hand-held digital microscope has magnification up to 54x so you can explore hidden details in insects, plants, rocks, coins, stamps, and more.

Ozobot: Use markers to draw color-coded paths on white paper and watch as this tiny robot follows your instructions.

Perplexus Rookie: Challenge yourself and exercise your brain with this three-dimensional puzzle.

Slide Scanner: Convert slides, negatives, 8mm film, and Super 8 movies into digital JPEG images to share and preserve them forever.

Sphero 2.0: Robotic ball that you control with a tilt, touch or swing from your smartphone or tablet.

Squishy Circuits: Learn how to safely create electronic circuits using conductive and insulating dough to make fun creations with light-up LED accents.

Stud FinderDetect and locate metal, AC voltage and wood studs.

Ukulele: Learn how to play a warm-toned ukulele.

VR Headset: transform your smart phone screen into a super immersive virtual reality experience including lenses, magnets and headstrap.

Other Things

Calculator: TI-84 calculator.

Kill-a-Watts: Electricity usage monitor that measures the energy used by devices.

Leak Detector: Black & Decker thermal imaging detector finds air leaks.

Laser Thermometer: Point, aim, and measure to get the results virtually anywhere; use it for cooking, car maintenance, real estate, electrical engineering and more.

Launchpad Tablets: these pre-loaded tablets are perfect for children who want to learn various subjects such as math, Spanish language, animals, etc.

Microscope: The COSMOS hand-held digital microscope has magnification up to 54x so you can explore hidden details in insects, plants, rocks, coins, stamps and more.

Radon Detector: Take a reading of the radon levels in your home, office or wherever. The LCD screen displays the average daily, weekly and long-term concentrations of radon.

Speck Indoor Air-Quality Monitors: detects fine particulate matter in your indoor environment and informs you about changes and trends in particle concentration.

Solar Recharger: 30Wh, 7,800Ah power pack can power phones (2-3x), tables (1x) and more.

Stud Finder: 3 in 1 multiscanner can be used to detect and locate stud, metal, AC wires.


Amusement Park: Amusement Park Game.

Animals: Learn all about animals with the Animal Tracks card game, twelve jigsaw puzzles and a magnetic activity tin.

ConstructionDesigned for kids 3-6 years old to promote science, technology, engineering, art and math, and to link literacy to play.

Five Senses: Kit for children to learn about the five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. This kit includes materials that help children explore textures, flavors, sights, sounds and scents.

Health & Nutrition: Introduces children to the food groups and healthy nutritional habits.

Light & Color: Learn about color and light. Includes 5 books, 3 color mixing tubes, 2 sets of color paddles and more.

Magnets: Use the Magnet Discovery Board to guess which items are magnetic. Move the magnetic iron shavings through the yellow sand to learn about magnetism.

Mapping: Develop skills in mapping, following directions, cardinal directions, positional words and using a compass.

Measurement: Get an introduction to measurement concepts.

Music: Wave, toss, and twirl scarves as you listen to the CD or make your own music with the rasp, rainsticks, sandblocks, bells and cymbals.

Our bodies: Use the layered wooden puzzles to discover the human body’s skeleton, organs, muscles, skin and clothes.

Patterns: Create patterns and designs with crayons and textured rubbing mats.

Reflections: These hands-on cubes make it fun & easy for children to explore tons of math & science concepts.

Rocks & Minerals: Explore and identify precious stones, fossils, and minerals from all over the world.

Shapes & Numbers: Explore shapes while building with colorful magnets and learn numbers and counting with the magnetic math tin.

Simple Machines: Playsets will introduce children to building toys and encourages creativity while building fine-motor skills in hands-on construction play.

Weather: Discover and learn about the science of weather.

Have a suggestion?

If you have ideas or suggestions for items that would be useful as a Maker Kit, please let us know by calling 541-766-6793 or emailing us.


Three week checkout.

Limit of 1 kit per card.

Maximum one renewal.

Return kit to any service desk.

For maker kits, search the library catalog for maker kits or library of things. For launchpads, search the catalog for launchpad tablet.

Each service desk has a binder of items, and holds can be placed there also.

As with other items in our collection, if lost or damaged, patrons pay the replacement cost plus a $5.00 reprocessing fee.