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UPDATE: Thanks for the good time Corvallis! Some people asked if they could view the words used in the bee, so here you go: list 1, list 2

If you’d like to see pictures of the event, check out our Storify of the event and read the story about it from the Gazette Times. 

Corvallis-Benton County Public Library presents Sip & Spell: a Spelling Bee for Adults, hosted by Mike McInally, Editor of the Corvallis Gazette-Times, on Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 7:00 PM at Old World Deli in Corvallis.

Do you spell words like synecdoche in your sleep? Maybe you don’t care what pococurante is, but do you definitely know how to spell it? Then don’t miss Sip & Spell, a spelling bee for adults age 18 and over and a fundraising event for the Friends of the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library. We’ll be pulling all of the big words out of the 11th edition of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary and prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Click here for rules.

Advance registration is encouraged by calling the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library at (541) 766-6793 or emailing Participants can also register on the day of the event between 6:15pm and 7:00pm at Old World Deli. There is a $5 registration fee that must be paid by cash, check or credit card on the day of the event during the 6:15 – 7:00pm registration period.

“Cheats” may also be purchased at the time of registration: $3.00 to ask a friend, $5 for 30 seconds with a dictionary, and $10.00 to get you a mulligan card which buys you back into the bee if you misspell a word. Sip & Spell is free to watch, so all are welcome to sit on the sidelines to cheer and heckle.

This event is sponsored by the Friends of the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library, OSU Libraries, the Corvallis Gazette-Times, Old World Deli and Oregon Trail Brewery. All proceeds from this event benefit the Friends of the Library.

For more information, please call Bonnie Brzozowski at 541-766-6793. If any member of the public has a disability and needs accommodations to attend this event, please call 541-766-6928, allowing 48 hours notice for this service.