A cartoon bomb surrounded by the title of the book "Beirut Hellfire Society"

Intriguing and absurd, these are some of my favorite things. Pavlov, a young man in Lebanon, takes over his father’s business as an undertaker in Beirut during the Lebanese War. Yes, this seems daunting. Taking his father’s position includes taking on more than expected. It is not just about dealing with the dead, it includes managing various underground influences his father was connected to while also dealing with the absurdity of life in a tumultuous time. The story presents dark humor amidst the will to survive as the character is left to run through the rubble of the war-torn city, dodging bombs and encountering militia, as he pieces together what is expected of him. I see this as kind of Frankenstein in Baghdad crossed with The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover. Yes, this is a somewhat weird juxtaposition, but try to go with it.

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