The Patron Saint of Liars book cover

Ann Patchett writes very readable fiction about relationships and domestic situations. I turn to her novels for a quick read (most of her books are 350 pages or under) that focuses on relationships between people and the impact those relationships have. This is her first novel about a pregnant young woman, Rose, who abandons her life and finds herself at a Catholic home for unwed mothers. While not unwed, she decides to stay and ends up spending a significant part of her life there, raising her daughter there as well. Rose is a difficult and complicated woman. Her daughter struggles to be close to her and navigates an interesting childhood among the young women and nuns that also stay in the home. Well written, interesting characters, and a solid read for lovers of domestic/family fiction. If you’re new to Patchett, though, I’d start with Bel Canto or Run.

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