The Yellow house book cover - abstract collage of B&W pictures from the author's childhood intermixed with block of color

The Yellow House tells the story of a family home in New Orleans East, specifically the lower Ninth Ward, a part of New Orleans which once promised a booming economic expansion eastward but instead, through neglect, became the poorest part of the city. The story follows the yellow house from its construction up through hurricane Katrina and its eventual destruction in the aftermath. More than the house though, this explores the family that lived in the house for most of that time, and it raises questions about home, family, race, and poverty among others. Unique to this memoir, it tells the story of hurricane Katrina as part of a larger story of neglect of this almost exclusively black part of New Orleans. It doesn’t just focus on the devastation, but also looks at the disruption to life, family, and home for people who stayed put, those who fled and returned, and those who left permanently.

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