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Library Director Ashlee Chavez

Ashlee Chavez
Library Director

A Letter From Your Library Director: October 2021

Dear Community, Throughout the past few months, we have been carefully monitoring the use of our libraries.  In exciting news, our circulation numbers are growing exponentially every month, and we are very near our pre-pandemic numbers for checkouts. Thank you for your support and showing how important you find library services in your life. What does look different this autumn are the times of day people are using library buildings. This is something we [Read more]

October 4th, 2021|

A Letter From Your Library Director: August 2021

Dear Community, This month I would like to share an update with you regarding our construction project at the Corvallis Library! We are currently in the process of enclosing an unused patio space on the second floor of the Library. We worked with Woofter Bolch Architecture to come up with a wonderful design that remodels 2,400 square feet and adds an additional 1,200 square feet to the building’s floor plan. Our new space will [Read more]

August 4th, 2021|

A Letter From Your Library Director: July 2021

Dear Community, It would be remiss of me to start this month’s letter with anything other than appreciation. It has been amazing to see your faces in our libraries again over the past month! I have enjoyed watching children walk out with piles of books and materials almost as big as they are! I have seen tears of joy, cheering and clapping and excitement. All of it fills me with gratitude that you have [Read more]

July 1st, 2021|

A Letter From Your Library Director: June 2021

June 1, 2021 Dear Community, As announced in my last newsletter, our libraries will soon be offering Browse and Go services! With Browse and Go, we are inviting you inside of our library buildings again, during the same hours we were previously open pre-pandemic, to browse for items to check out. You will be able to use self-checkout machines and we will have staff available to assist with you with checkout if needed. While [Read more]

June 1st, 2021|

A Letter From Your Library Director: May 2021

May 11, 2021 Dear Community, Thank you for your patience and support over the past fifteen months as we have navigated the reality of providing library services with facilities closed to the public. It has not been easy for any of us, but you have truly been the best community to work with, and we are all so thankful for your flexibility, adaptability, and your concern for the safety of the entire community. I [Read more]

May 11th, 2021|

A Letter From Your Library Director: April 2021

April 5, 2021 Dear Community, I am happy to share with you that April 4-10, 2021 is National Library Week. It is a great time to stop and reflect on the importance of libraries to their communities. Libraries remain a cornerstone of democracy, promoting the free exchange of information and ideas for all. Libraries are more than buildings; we can often find them as the heart of the community. I hope you feel the [Read more]

April 5th, 2021|
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