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Visual chart of media bias

media bias graph of fake news

This chart was originally published by Vanessa Otero. Here are links to her Reasoning and methodology.

As with all news, it is best to get your information from multiple sources. Here is an additional resource for rating the bias of news outlets AllSides Bias Ratings

Fake News is in the news these days.

No matter where you are, this term is getting tossed around, left and right, back and forth. Being a library, we believe it an important responsibility to provide resources to help evaluate the abundance of information everyone wades through on a daily basis. It is one of the important services libraries offer their physical and digital communities.

Fake news braincloud
how to spot fake news

Check your sources:

AllSides read the same stories from three different positions

FactCheck by the Annenberg Public Policy Center

Media Bias/Fact Check One of the most “comprehensive media bias resources on the internet”

Politifact Uses a “Truth-o-Meter” to indicate validity of news reporting

Snopes Debunks myths, urban legends, misinformation, etc.

Washington Post Fact Checker Check the facts behind news stories

BS Detector – a plugin for Firefox, Chrome, & Safari