This table explains how the library arrived at the costs it uses in the Library Value Calculator.

Library Service Value Value Based On
Books borrowed $27.00 List price for a hardcover
Childrens books borrowed $20.00 List price
Magazine issues borrowed $5.00 Average newsstand price
Newspapers read $1.00 Newsstand price for The Oregonian
Online resource sessions $25.00 e.g. learning a language with Mango Languages or searching Consumer Reports
Music CDs borrowed $10.00 Price to download an album from iTunes
Audiobooks downloaded $7.50 Average price for an audiobook on
E-books downloaded $12.99 Average price of an e-book from Barnes & Noble or Amazon
DVDs borrowed $5.00 Average price to rent a DVD
Audiobooks on CD $35.00 List price
Adult programs attended $10.00 Estimate
Childrens programs attended $6.00 Estimate
Hours of computer use $12.00 Hourly price for word processing & internet access at FedEx Office
Reference questions asked $15.00 Estimate