A is for appleM is for MapV is for Vacuum

Try an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt!


  • Find something that starts with each letter of the alphabet around your house, and make a list or draw what you find for each letter.


  • You don’t have to find the items in the order of the alphabet if you don’t want to.
  • Can’t find an item that starts with a particular letter? Try to find an item with that letter in the word, or make up a funny new name that starts with the letter you need!
  • Can you find an item you can use for more than one letter? For example, if you find a banana, you could use that for the letter B, but a banana is also a food, so you could also use it for the letter F!
  • Most of all, get creative and have fun!

(If you get stuck on a particular letter, scroll down! Below are some ideas for objects you might have around the house.)

From Ann at the Philomath Community Library

Here are some suggestions:

Aa – apple, alarm clock
Bb – book, bowl
Cc – couch, chair, cat
Dd – door, dog
Ee – egg, earphones
Ff – food, freezer
Gg – garbage, garage
Hh – hat, hairbrush
Ii – ice, important documents
Jj – jacket, juice
Kk – kitchen, kite, kid
Ll – library book, lamp
Mm – map, magnet
Nn – neck, napkins
Oo – orange, ottoman
Pp – paper, pencil
Qq – quilt, Q-tip
Rr – rug, robe
Ss – shirt, stuffed animal
Tt – table, television
Uu – uniform, umbrella
Vv – videogame, vacuum
Ww – wall, water bottle
Xx – xylophone, or a word with an ‘x’ in it, like box
Yy – yardstick, yogurt
Zz – zipper, zoo (you probably don’t have a zoo at your house, but do you have a picture of a zoo animal?)